The Whole Darned Thing with Deborah Pearson

Andersen’s Little Mermaid as told by Season Butler

February 14, 2016

Season Butler takes Deborah Pearson through Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid, a messed up tale of sadness, heartbreak, and a woman stepping on swords.  A perfect bedtime story if you want your child's eyes to widen and their lower lip to tremble while you say, "Deal with it kiddo.  Life's no fairytale. Now sleep tight, and if you have a nightmare, DON'T WAKE ME UP." 

Season Butler is a London-based writer, performer and academic, whose work interrogates the personal and political and the playful and disturbing.  Her most recent show "Happiness Forgets" premiered at Fierce Festival last September.  Its research process began with Season binge watching old episodes of The Cosby Show and learning and reproducing the opening credit dance at the beginning of each season
Intro music by Ali Mansour.  Outro music by TLC.  

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