The Whole Darned Thing with Deborah Pearson

As a Black Woman (Maud Sulter) as told by Hamja Ahsan

April 17, 2016

Artist and activist Hamja Ahsan goes "off piste" for the concept of this podcast, bypassing plot and instead choosing to discuss a collection of poetry - As a Black Woman by poet and artist Maud Sulter.  

Hamja Ahsan is an artist who was unwittingly forced to become an activist after his brother was arrested on dubious charges and extradited to the United States having never been there.  Hamja then spent ten years running the "Free Talha Ahsan" campaign to help free his brother.  The campaign was successful, and Syed Talha Ahsan was finally freed in 2014.   
If in London, you can see some of Hamja's work at the DIY Cultures Zines, Comics and Alternative Day Festival at RichMix Cultural Centre on May 29th.  Hamja is also writing a book called Shy Radicals, taking a stand against extrovert supremacy, to be published this year.  
Intro and outro music by Ali Mansour.  

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