The Whole Darned Thing with Deborah Pearson

Ghost in the Shell (1995) as told by Abigail Conway

February 20, 2016

Artist Abigail Conway takes Deborah Pearson through the plot of Japanese animated sci-fi philosophical action mind f*ck Ghost in the Shell (1995).  Adapted from a series of graphic novels, the singularity is singularly unpacked, flatpacked and ready to upload in this mid 90s tale of semi-conscious semi-human cyborgs and their existential crises.  

Abigail Conway is a visual artist who works in the realm of live performance.  She explores intimacy through instruction-based work, and frequently commits long periods of time to learning new skills which she then shares and explores with her audience members/participants.  For her most recent piece Ride she learned how to drive a motorcycle, became licensed, and then took audience members on motorcycle rides (or as she called them, motorcycle meditations) through the hills of Tanzania.

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