The Whole Darned Thing with Deborah Pearson

Newsies (1992) as told by Brian Lobel

February 7, 2016

Artist Brian Lobel takes Deborah through the plot-line of Newsies (1992), Disney's strike-oriented-musical to end all strike-oriented-musicals.  

Brian Lobel is an internationally renowned artist, writer and performer.  Performing at the Sydney Opera House next month with his show "You Have to Forgive Me You Have to Forgive Me You Have to Forgive Me," Lobel is also co-writing the book for the upcoming musical Pacifist's Guide to the War on Cancer, premiering at the National Theatre this year.  
This was the first ever episode of "The Whole Darned Thing" - so please chalk up any technical problems with the recording to the beauty and heart break of learning how to do something.  
Intro and outro music by Ali Mansour.  

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