The Whole Darned Thing with Deborah Pearson

Tangerine (2015) as told by Joy Mariama Smith

March 22, 2016

Artist Joy Mariama Smith takes Deborah through the plot-line of Tangerine (2015), a film shot entirely on iPhone, whose plot-line definitely earns the "explicit content" label this podcast has on iTunes, just in case, but is also extremely heartfelt and moving.  

Joy Mariama Smith is an artist, curator, instigator, and "cultural cartographer" from Philadelphia, currently based in the Hague, Netherlands.  A member of the "Your Name Here" collective, Joy is a non-gender conforming queer artist of colour who makes work with what they term a solid anti-assimmilationist motivation.  They are currently at the Dutch Art Institute, and frequently show their work throughout the Europe.  Their newest piece Color Block will be performed in Ponderosa at the Tanzland Theatre Festival in April.  
This episode of "The Whole Darned Thing" includes some explicit content for the heart and mind.  Enjoy.
Intro music by Ali Mansour.  

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